Who could ever forget November 8, 2013. The whole world watched at the height and onset of Supertyphoon Yolanda (Haiyan) as it ravaged Central Philippines. The whole world looked on. The whole world saw and helped out as we picked ourselves up and rebuild from our loss.

We, Filipinos, had to be strong for one another at a time of great calamities such as the Yolanda Typhoon. Our unceasing bayanihan never fails to amaze.

At The Appledrive Project, we did our share of raising funds to help out those affected in the Visayas region thru Oplan APPLES (Aid. Pray. Pledge. Let’s unite. Empower. Show love.)

With the help of different partner organizations and volunteers, we were able to go out and spread the apple love to different parts of Central Philippines, like Cebu, Samar, Ormoc and Tacloban in Leyte, and even the kids from Tacloban who were brought to Manila, to give joy inspite of the losses they have suffered.

Here are some of pictures that captured the relief operations of The Appledrive Project.