Give. Educate. Inspire. This is the core advocacy of The Appledrive Project. It is a campaign to educate indigent kids in both rural and urban areas in the Philippines to advocate a healthier lifestyle by eating apples, instead of candies or chocolates. The Appledrive Project goes out to communities to promote good personal hygiene and an overall improved way of life through various activities like book reading, medical missions, feeding programs, and more. It also champions aid and accessibility of resources for these kids to give them inspiration and hope that there is a bigger and brighter future ahead of them, and to teach them the value of giving and sharing.

“The Appledrive Project started out as a hobby, just something my friends and I did for fun during the Christmas holidays in 2011. We visited a nearby elementary school in Baler, Aurora Province in the Philippines to give out some apples. The kids then had never ever seen, held nor tasted an apple. Apples, to them, were sort of a myth, something they just saw or heard the teacher talk about. I could never forget the joy in those kids’ eyes the first time they have tasted their very first apple. And the rest, as they say, is history.”

I have since been on a journey to different Appledrive quests all over the Philippines, and from time to time, overseas, to spread the apple love to street kids. Come and join me in my next appledrive adventures!”








Romeo Jr Albarillo Garcia 
Founder. Entrepreneur. Advocate.